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Enkadia Synexecutable Console Switcher

Demonstration of Enkadia Synexecutables

Synexecutables provide a/v control from console or command line applications. Synexecutables can be added to the task scheduler, run in the background or sit on the taskbar.

Devices and software used for this project

Synexsis NuGet packages used - Available at the NuGet Repository (search for Enkadia)

Additional Microsoft NuGet packages used

Windows Target environments

Configuring your components

Synexsis builds your components by reading values from an appsettings.json file, located at the root of your program’s runtime directory.

Place the appsettings.json file in this folder.
(This example file path is for a release version running on Windows desktop)



If the application fails to start, verify the license and appsettings.json files are in the correct folder.

Creating the appsettings.json file

Sample appsettings.json

  "Swt": {
    "IPAddress": "",